Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Birthday Presents from our Friends in Texas #HappyFriendshipDay

The very first friend that I have  met  when I first started blogging back in 2008 is a dear friend who   lived in California back then.  Her family lives in Texas now and they are  a well-traveled and super adventurous family.  She never  cease to remember every occasion.  She sent me this 4-pc value plus pack Easy Grab Pyrex for my birthday.  Thanks a lot sis Dhemz, you truly are the sweetest and very thoughtful person I now.
She also sent me  souvenirs from their recent   cruise.  We planned on going with them this year but since my FIL's condition is not in a  top shape, we decided to hold off because we didn't want him to go without us here.  Aside from that, we also  have concern about finances that's why we decided to just  go on  summer adventures here nearby.
I collect magnets s and key chains so these would be great addition for my collection.  I hope that I could visit these places too  someday.  The beautiful postcards will  be arranged into my album soon.
She also sent my daughter  birthday gifts.  She love all of these and the recipe book that Akesha sent to her.
She is planning to  make some cookies and use this Texas-shaped cookie cutter that the Dias family also sent to us.  Thanks a bunch Akesha, Dhemz, and Greg for everything.
Our birthday are meaningful because of friends like you!  Since July 30 is  a national friendship day, this post is dedicated to the Dias family and to all of you whom I considered my friends on the web.