Friday, July 8, 2011

Canadian Geese

We went to Tomlinson Run the other day and we found so many Canadian geese in there. They thought that we have food for them so they crowded and followed us everywhere we went.
The Burritos remembered the last pack of cracker jack they have in the car so they race in getting it.
Then they fed the hungry  bunch.
It was a good day bonding with messy critters hehehe.

Clear Shot

I finally got to use my  new DSLR camera.  I  am still learning   some of it's feature and with the busy schedule that  I have, I can't really sit  and read the manual lol.  Anyhow, before my husband  decided to get the  one in the photo, he browsed so many slr cameras online first to see which store gives us the best deal for it.  We actually save a big amount in buying it online because we found a  promo code for it.
Below is one of the  first few pictures that I took.  I can take  pictures closely now without worrying about being blurry when you zoom in.  Here's a clear shot of the  wild flower that I saw at Tomlinson Run a couple of days ago.  I zoomed it in to the max and still produces a clear shot.  Love it!


This is the XRAY result that I have had before I took off from my country to US. I had this done at St. Luke's Medical Center when I was 7 months old pregnant with my daughter. They just wrapped a protective cloth around my tummy to have the XRAY done.
Anyhow, I brought this  in hand when I flew because they said that I would be needing it at my port of entry.  Well, I arrived here without the XRAY being opened lol.  I just had it open  last night for my entry to ABC.
Going out the country is a painful process.  There are astringent requirements that you have to submit and yet  a lot of  people do it because the country itself is not financially sufficient to provide  jobs for the people.  In my case, I came here for family reasons and not job seeking.  But still I underwent a thorough process before I  finally got the OK sign, whew.

Gardening Helper

My daughter is exactly how I am when I was growing up when it comes to offering help around the house. Until now, my mother would always tell my other siblings how I was. She has always been proud of me, just like how I am so proud of having a daughter like Ms. Burrito.
Time travels like a bullet, my little miss is turning six years old tomorrow.  Happy birthday to my gardening helper, we love you Anak!

She would be so delighted if you can drop by and greet her on her blog.


Those white rocks that we used were buried in one of the  flower beds  of the former owners.  I dug them all out, washed them and  use it in our garden.

Childhood Trail

My husband wanted to take us to the woods where he used to explore when he was growing up in Marland Heights. Unfortunately, there is a thick grass and trees growing there already that we couldn't pass. Hubby realized one thing, kids these days are not as active as them when it comes to nature trekking.
We ended up going to the park instead and let the kids  play.
We found these stuff in the ground.
 I love watching my husband and kids chase and play  with each other.
This bottle is perfect for Mellow Yellow hehehe.
I feel bad for this beautiful critter.
St. Joseph the Worker Church.
We did not able to explore the childhood trail that hubby wanted to show us but we still had a great time. Please join us with Color Connection over at Ms. Burrito's blog. It's a weekend meme hosted by the lovely young blogger.