Monday, March 14, 2016

New Home for Dad

My sister in-law visited us last Wednesday informing us that she  is going to put  Dad in a home as  it is getting  harder  for her to take care of him.  I applaud her for doing it for several  months but I know that eventually her body will give up as  she is not getting any younger and Dad is getting weaker so moving him around is hard.  John suggested to put Dad in a home  earlier but  they thought that putting Dad in a home  is like abandoning him. 
This is where Dad lives now, it is called Woodland  Hills Manor.  He was moved there last Friday.
The place was nice.  The employees seems friendly although we didn't talk to anyone.  Dad was sitting in the lounge area when we arrived.  He didn't  know who we were but he was sure happy to  have visitors.  
It was my first time visiting a  nursing home and I feel overwhelmed with sadness.  However, I would consider working in a nursing home if given a chance.  I think working with old folks is rewarding.
We will see you again this weekend Dad.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kalahari Fun Water Obstacle

I gave my husband the camera  when the kids took off to swim because I had to stay  in the table where our things were.  We rented a locker but apparently, the lockers are  so small thjat it only fits a bag and some  small stuff.  If I could have known it was small, I would have just kept the money and just  guard our things my own, that's what I did  with the other things anway.
 But anyway, my husband  said that the kids liked this  obstacle course set up which they call American Ninja obstacles lol.
 Bopth kiddos are very  competitive so they made a bet that whoever drop on the water loses.
 So here they go.  Glad both of them are strong for this type of activity.
 As you can see, Rylie has two more  floats to go through and EJ still has three.
 .. and he dropped on the water at the ast one lol.
 It was a nice competitive race for  them.
EJ was bummed but Rylie was happy she completed the course without falling.  Rylie is a lot more cautions that him so in situations like this, she would always prevail.   They really had a blast out there.  They temporarily forgotten about Winter.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Viewing Real Estate Online before Making a Purchase

Buying a piece of real estate is a major investment. You typically would not go into a sale without first seeing what the house or land looks like first and making sure that it meets you particular needs. However, if you live some distance away from where you plan on buying a house, you may wonder how you can take a look at the property without relegating your search to pictures. When it comes to looking at possible investments like a new house or a Crystal Lake cabin for sale Illinois buyers can now see properties upfront by viewing videos of them online.

Viewing Each Room and Level

Before you buy a house, you typically want to know every detail about it. You want to know features like how many rooms are in the house and how many closets each bedroom has. You also want to know other features like how tall the windows are and if there are any ceiling fans in the home. 

Because a real estate agent may not be able to recall intimate details of the home you are interested in buying, you can find out for yourself by viewing the video online. You can see for yourself what the windows look like, if any ceiling fans are in the home, and other details that could influence your decision to buy.

The videos are not so long that they will cause you to get bored or tired while watching them. However, they are long enough to give you a fair idea for whether or not you want to request a more in-depth viewing if or when you can travel to the location. You can also watch the video on your home computer or on your mobile device. 

Requesting a Showing Today

If you are interested in the home, you can request a showing by filling out the form online. The form allows you to establish communication with the real estate company that is selling the home. You can include your details and also the best way to contact you.

You can also communicate with the company by using the social media plugins found on the website. You can request a showing and ask questions before you view the house for sale.

Buying a house requires that you do your research first. You can start by viewing videos of the property online.