Monday, September 8, 2008


I got so nervous when I opened my 3Ps yesterday because somehow I've seen number 1 on the myblog section, I thought I got banned from taking opps. I immediately redirected the page to my domain because I don't wanna see bad news early morn... But then when I went back to the 3ps page (after I regain my strength lol), it was a vote from one of the sresitrevda... Gosh, what a relief! In fact I got an additional tack, so I felt so darn good... Whew, as a postie I have to maintain a good standing on the market so I won't be outcasted from taking jobs..


Tomorrow will be a long-busy day for me. It will be my korean student's first day with me, her name is Kim Min Young. Tomorrow will be her orientation, I have to know what level is she when it comes to speaking the English language. It will be 2 hours per session, 3 times a week, this is gonna be a challenge for me. But anyhow, I hope she'll learn something from me lol..
At 4 pm, my 3 year old daughter Rylie will be having her practice for soccer for the first ime. She and some little kids her age inside the base will be playing soccer.. The name of their team is PEEWEE (sounds like a snack in PI lol)!
Then I have to go to work at 5 until 10 in the evening whew! I'm gonna be drained at the end of the day lol!