Friday, August 26, 2011


The theme for this week at Mommy Moment is "Filipino Ako" or "I am a Filipino". I was born and raised in the Philippines and still a citizen of the country. That would make my kids Filipino-Americans or Fil-Am as they commonly call kids that are half Filipino and half American.  Thanks to Tita Dhemz for the cowboy hats!

My kids knows   some Filipino words but they can't really speak the language  well.  
They were born here in the US of A but  they  still have the Filipinos in them, for one is   the fact that they love RICE hehehe.  They also love  singing some  Filipino folk song such as Leron Leron Sinta.  This is one of the videos that Ms. Burrito posted on her blog.

Oh, I must be losing my mind.  I visited the author of the meme  thinking that it is now Thursday hahaha.  Oh boy!  Oh well, early birds catches the worm right? Lol!  Have a good night everyone.