Friday, October 22, 2010


Who wouldn't love kisses? My son love chocolate kisses hahaha, serious, our kids love to kiss us before going to be and when they wake up in the morning or anytime of the day that they are felling so malambing.   Kiss is the topic this week at Mommy Moments.    Below are some photos that I successfully dug out from my archives.

First up is Champ trying to kiss Mommy.  Then the rest is...zzzzzz.zzzzz.zzzzz.  Sorry folks, I am so sleepy lol.
The last one is Champ again, asking Chelsea a permission to kiss lol.  Goodnight everyone.  Thanks for your visit, will visit you back tomorrow.

The Beauty of the Fall Season

We decided to drove going to school to get our daughter the other day because we went straight to visit Dad.    I took some shots of the trees around the school, ain't Fall the most beautiful season?  These trees are now getting bald, most of the leaves fell down already due to the strong winds we have been getting for a couple of days.