Friday, June 3, 2011


The dianthuses which I grew last year from the seeds I have collected from previous years just bloom this year.  Sorry my photos doesn't  do the justice to the beauty of the flowers lol.
I just transferred all of them at the back.  I am starting to remove my flowers in front of the house before the construction of our front porch starts at the end of this month.  I just got done and I am beat wahhh.

Hey everyone, please be invited to a new meme that will start tomorrow (Saturday) hosted by Ms. Burrito over at her blog.  The meme is called Color Connection which basically  posting any color of your choice.  Please click the badge below for more info.  Thank you~!

Intriguing Hats

I am not really sure of what kind of organization these guys belong. They were one of the ushers during the memorial day event in downtown weirton.  I love looking at their hats though.  One saw me  taking pictures of them so he smiled weeeee.