Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthday Blast

My family pampered me on my birthday. They really did an awesome job to make my last year of being in the 30s a memorable one.  Our day started with  my husband and daughter  cooked for breakfast.  Then I made some food because my father-in-law was coming.  Thanks for the  plant gift Dad, I love it!  When we got done  eating lunch with Dad, my niece-in-law called and asked if we wanted to go with them at Tomlinson Run, so off we went.
We brought some food and my NIL brought some too.  We ate first before we enjoyed the paddle boats ride which was posted at Ms. Burrito's blog.  I definitely had a blast on my 39th birthday.  Now they say that life begins at 40, let us see.  For me life  has begun  when I became a wife and a mother, a meaningful life!
Thanks to all who greeted me  in my blogs and in Facebook.
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Another Year

Originally posted on June 10, 2008 - S. Korea.
Today is my special day. I'm turning 35, whoa I'm getting old... well not at heart, I always feel like I'm twenty... yeah right Well, I have to cook a good meal today. Hey...wait a minute....shouldn't I be off today, after all its my birthday? I guess Moms don't have days off, yup that's right, there are no breaks for us.. Our duties are 24/7. Oh well, I love being a mom and a wife. It makes me feel special whenever my daughter would tell me "I love you Mommy, I think that you are the best mom in the world". Always music to my ears!

A gift given by a korean friend.. Thanks Lina!  In 2009 (still in South Korea), I was invited   by a dentist who is working at University of British Columbia, Canada to enter my daughter's photo into a smile contest online sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry.  Ms. Burrito won by having the most votes online.  Below is her certificate with her victorious smile.

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