Monday, February 17, 2014

My Sweet Valentine

My husband gave me his Valentine gift the night before the actual V-day. I always  look forward to reading the card that he  gets because it always  make my heart feel giddy hehehe.  It may sound corny but nothing can beat the feeling when your husband takes time to find a card that really states  what he wants to say.  
I always love the miniature roses that he gives me on special occasion because my garden is getting filled with it. I can't wait till Spring comes so I can plant this as additional to my existing ones. It's very fulfilling to see them in the summer when all of them is in full bloom.
My Sweet Valentine 

Thank you for the love and understanding
for your dedication  of raising our family
for being a loving father to our kids 
and for being a loving husband. 

I love you with all my heart my sweet Valentine!
I may not be the perfect Mom and Wife
But I will try my best  to keep
 the promise we've made 
on our vows.
Happy birthday Dahlin!

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Decade's Joyful Memories

These photos were taken   almost ten years ago when the President of Divine Word College of Legazpi had his birthday.  The birthday celebration which was attended by all the teaching and non-teaching employees of the school was held in Sto. Domingo, Albay, October  4, 2004.  I was already on-leave that time. I attended the said event because I knew that that would be my last time to be with my close friends in school.
The Non-Teaching employees, which is us, wore blue color and the faculty in college  wore yellow.  Below are two of my closest friends which I  dearly missed.  We call each other Buds.  We used to always  chit chat when I was still there.  We  always go to the school canteen  during snack time and eat pancit lol.
Below is a good friend of mine who also got hired  in the school after she  graduated.  She now lives in Germany with her family.  Miss you Mads Fe!
I miss  working and I miss the company of my friends.  I wish we live close by so I could pay them a visit.  The five years that I spent working in school taught me so much about  life, being a  friend, being a co-worker, being a listener to some students.  I miss the laughter that me and  the student leaders  always shared at the office.  Those were the days!

PS.. Sorry for the blurry pics, I just  took  pictures of the old photos from the album.  I wasn't in the mood to  remove them from the album and scan them lol.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Walking to School on an Icy Snow Day

We live very close to  my children's school so even on Winter days, we  walk.  It's a good exercise for all of us.  Sometimes, my husband would drive the kids in the morning when he goes to work but when there is a two-hour delay, we have to walk.  Going home from school though, we always walk everyday.  I can drive but I chose not to, we can benefit more from walking than riding.
I am so glad that my children are used to it that you will never hear them complain about it.  In fact, they enjoy it as we play in the snow on our way home.  Last Thursday was fun because we were walking on top of the snow and every time  our feet would  go down, the crunchy sound of the icy snow was fun for them.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Hair Cut

  Cutting our own hair is one thing that hubby and I  started  doing  at home  when we moved to Korea.  He went to  Japan one time and found this hair cut set at  the Navy Exchange for  $20.  He called me and asked me if  I want to start cutting his hair and I told him; I will give it a try.   Since then, we  have been cutting our own hair.
I decided to  cut my   long hair  yesterday when I woke up.  I cut 4 inches  or so off my hair.  Hubby always like my hair long  but  it get so tiring maintaining it.  Sometimes I would ask him if I can cut my hair but yesterday I just went ahead because I know he would say No again lol.  He did help me straighten out the back part though since I could not see it.
I did not cut it very short so he won't  be disappointed.  I think shoulder length hair is  a good length to  maintain for a hair.  I always love  having bangs even when I was younger.  It hides my wide forehead lol.
Thanks for the photo HON and for your understanding,  I winked at him when he took the photo because he thought it was too short lol.

Cutting our own hair is one of those things that hubby and I figured out to cut cost  in order  to save  a bit for our household budget.  A decent hair cut for hubby here in the area cost $15 +tip, he has to have a hair cut every month so we are saving 240 in a year just for  his hair cut.  With me, an average hair cut here is $20 +tip so I am saving a bit of money as well  We also cut our children's hair so the hair cut for the whole family is free.   Let us say that we save $500 a year for a haircut, that is a good money that goes towards our  vacation money or other expenses.  How about you, how do you cut cost  from  family budget?  Share your strategies and tips.