Monday, October 26, 2009

Playing with the Sun

 These were taken when we went to Daegu last Augutst(2009).
On our way home, the Sun was teasing me so I played with him too. Here are some of my snapshots. The first one is a circus man, flipping over. Can you see his feet on the left side and his butt on the air lol... His hands are on his knees holding the sun hehehe. This lady is kneeling and she is offering something to the sun, do you see it? This one looks like a puppy is being chased by another puppy.. whatyathink? I love these three... It looks like God flying over us. The following two photos are just the sun hiding in the array of clouds. So there you go my friends, my adventures with the the king sun and the clouds. Have a blessed day to all! Look for this sweet smile. Thank you so much!