Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smart Korean Girl

We went to Home Plus last Sunday so that the kids can play in their play area. It was raining the whole day so our little burritos were bored to tears. The moment we arrived at the play area, a five year old Korean girl with her 3 year old tag along sister approached us and talked to us. I found it very impressive because most of the Korean won't talk to us there. She was very good in English. I asked her if she has an English tutor but she told me that her Dad teaches her because he was a school teacher. She said that her English name is Sally and her sister is Sarah. So here's the remembrance of a brave talented girl who talked to us.

Sojukdo Beach - Chinhae

I was a little bit cranky yesterday so when hubby returned from work, he took us to the beach where they had their comunity relation clean up last week. Sojukdo Beach is a newly developed area, this is the other side of the beach where my family used to hang out.
This is the place where we always goes. Can you see the man digging out for oysters? The Light House
Here's our little man, investigating.
Here are my sweethearts.
My lil' buritoes and I at the top of the traditional Korean structure.

A Good form of exercise for us.
EJ did not want any help from us, he climbed the stairs by himself.
Daddy had to carry him going down though because we exited on the other side and stairs was very steep.
Here are some local people trying tocatch some fish.
This area is also a favorite destination for couples or daters
I don't know what this means lol..

What I admire about Koreans is that they have a unique way of doing things.
see those white bags strapped on the post? Those are waterbags, which keep the trees watered everyday.
I like the design of this light post.
This building is being structured into a big ship. I was going to take a picture of the building that was built like a turtle ship but the rain started to pour so I was not able to.
And te hihlight of our trip, is this. Rylie and EJ got to meet Patrick the Star from Spongebob the movie lol..Have a great weekend everyone! Take care and God Bless!