Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Surprise Visit

My husband and I brought the GPS navigating system that we bought last December (my gift for him) in going to Maryland. We also brought with us an address of his youngest Aunt Carol who lives in the said State. He said that if the location is near to where we will pick up the car, we will drop by and pay them a surprise visit. So after we finally picked up the car, we punched in Aunt Carol's address and presto, it is just a mile and half distance from where we were.
It is so nice to meet another relative of my husband. aunt Carol and her daughter Ladonna are very nice and kind. These were taken at the gas station before we finally drove home. Here's Aunt Carol and her daughter with hubby and me.
Sorry guys for the unannounced visit. We hope to see you again soon. Below is a shot that I took of my husband when we got off from the airport in Maryland. A perfect color for Ruby Tuesday isn't it?

May you have a great Tuesday folks.