Friday, October 29, 2010

Partners in Crime . then and now.

The first photo was taken before we went to Korea, they both want to climb on this corner piece but they got reprimanded hehehe. The second photo was when we were in Korea, they both love to color.
The theme this week at Mommy Moments is Before and After. I actually had a little bit of hard time choosing which I should share hehehe. I came up with the partners in crime, then and now. Well, they certainly love each other, love to hug each other, love to torture/pick on each other, and sometimes love to do things together.  Now that they are growing up and has each own preferences, most of the time they  argue with each other wahhhh.

Rainy Days

Good morning everyone, how's your day going?   I just got done vacuuming the floor and now running the washing machine.  My tummy is grumbling hehehe so I have to eat something.  I made  my daughter and husband  some hamburger helper for their lunch and  I am going to eat what's left.  EJ wanted waffles so that was what he ate.  Sharing this picture that I took of him last Saturday at my FIL's back porch.  Just to make the rainy day brighter hehehe.  Have a nice day everyone!

Hair Styles

One of the things that me and my daughter disagree  sometimes is combing/brushing her hair. She is very sensitive that she always think, I am pulling her hair out whenever I brushed it. One time I asked her if she wants a short hair so I won't have to deal with crying every time I brush her hair and she said she want it long. She absolutely get that from me because when I was a kid, I always want my hair long and one time mama hire someone to cut my hair very short, I cried for days lol.  The only difference of me and Rye is that I don't ask my mother to comb it for me, I id it alone.
Anyhow, here are some hair styles that I always do to her hair.  Messy pig tails, braiding it, tie the entire hair into one, or just tie half of it.
I love it when my son's hair is short like this.
I always have a long hair ever since.  I only cut it short once as advised by the priests when I was in college.  They told me that I am so skinny with long hair and that it makes me look so mature.  But when I met hubs, he likes long hair so I grew it back lol.
Hubby love his hair like this but I love it when he cut it very short, very masculine ang dating hehehe.
I am off to bed now folks, thanks for visiting.  Will try to visit you back tomorrow.


Hello everyone, sorry if I wasn't able to visit your blogs today. We were a bit busy, right now, I am still trying to finish my laundry hehehe. Below are the photos of the kangaroos I took when we visited the zoo in Pittsburgh.
My daughter call them Kanga & Roo.
It was my first time  seeing kangaroos.  Watching them closely was fun!  Thank you so much for visiting and for commenting.  Tomorrow will be another busy day for us.

We Want...

The topic for this week at Couple's Corner is the things that we want for each other. With seven years of marriage, I can say that I have found the perfect match for me. Conflicts with our preferences arises sometimes but it is not major that we can't handle. Just petty thing s and that is what makes and gives our marriage a thrill.  If you would ask my husband, I think he would like me to be more intimate hahaha.  He also want me to  play more with the kids.  He is always the one playing with them whenever he is home but when he isn't of course I played with them too.  He also want me to be more "maalaga", I am not that type kasi ( I need to work on this).

If you will asks me, I just want him to stay as sweet, supportive, loving, faithful, and supportive as he is now. I hope that he won't change till death do us part.  Cheesy lol!

Progress Report

As I have mentioned on my previous post on my other blog, our daughter had a satisfactory rating in all fields so that was a big relief for me. I am actually very proud of her because even though she did not attend pre-school, she is doing pretty well.  She can now read  sentence with three to five words in it.
For the whole month of September, she  received green light.

Last week, the school  sent  a permission letter for a physical check up to each student.  I was bummed out when the result came because her BMI is only 15 and according to their standard, our daughter is underweight.  How could that be though?  Just a couple of months ago, she also had a complete physical check up from the doctor and the result say that she is healthy.  Hmmnnn.  Our daughter love veggies and fruits and that could be one factor why her body mass index is low.
The photo below was taken at our back patio, we were laying down on top of their sandbox and watching the sky.  Have a great week ahead everyone.

Happy Birthday!

My baby brother turned 20 years old a couple of days ago. I miss you Nick, Hope I am there and be with you guys.  May God bless you with good heath and good life all through out.  When I left home  five years ago, he was so small like a kid (photo below) but when I came back last year, he was so tall and  big (second photo).
Looking at this photo makes me miss my family, our place, ahhh am being nostlagic lol.
My mentor in blogging, Malou of The Journey is celebrating her special day today.  Thanks dearest for introducing me to this wonderful  world of blogland.  If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know blogging  and won't meet good friends online.  I owe you this enjoyment bru!
Dena E of Dream Doodlers blog is also celebrating her birthday today.  Thanks Dena for always sharing us the  good news from the Bible.
Myspace Birthday Wishes

Rain Storm

We had a pretty hard rain storm yesterday. We were still at my father-in-law's house when the heavy rain poured. The electric power was going on and off while the thunder and lightning are roaring. I've visited a blog today that shows a picture of the first snow fall, wow, that early? I believe it was in Wyoming.

Jump Shots

Hey there everyone, it's time to have fun with Mommy Moment's theme this week. Jump shot is very hard to catch especially if you have a slow camera like me lol. But if you have high reso and fast camera, you will get the perfect jump shot that you want. Here's our share.  Here's EJ jumping on the trampoline.
Here's me when we visited my husband's Aunt down in  New Milton West Virginia.  Hubby took this picture.
Here's Rylie's attempt.
Goodnight everyone, Lady Red is bugging me with her partner, dysmenorrhea wahh.