Saturday, March 19, 2022

Fun Activities During Black Out #PowerOutage

I never thought I would experience a POWER outage here in the states but it did happen.  We lost electric on the 4th of February for  about 18 hours.  Usually, when we lost electric it doesn't last very long but this time, a couple of  transformers blew up due to freezing rain.  We had to bundle up to stay warm, it was  tough.  
classes were canceled the next day so we had plenty of time to kill.  We exercise to stay warm and  play some board games to ease the boredom.  Glad we had different kinds of board games at home.  We used to have a Friday-game-night when the kids were little but now that they're older, they have their own  stuff that they love to do that doesn't require Mom and Dad's attention anymore.

We always have a lot of snow here in the mountain state but I only saw a couple where  everything is frozen.

Frozen branches sure looks beautiful when the sunlight hits it.
Our bamboo forest are bent down every time there's a lot of snowfall.  
Winter is definitely cold as hell but it has its own charm.  
Losing electric is no fun but it's a blessing in disguise as it gave me an opportunity to bond with my kids by playing boardgames once again. I miss those times when they were younger and still wants to play with us constantly, it's very rare these days because they are so hooked on electronics and other teen activities that doesn't really require our attention.

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