Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun Adventures - Part 2

Our second day started with a hearty breakfast at
where we munched in spam and egg special for me and the kids. Loved it because it has rice and fresh veggies on it. Luvvy dubby ate sausage and egg muffin with potatoes. after our breakfast we shopped a little bit while waiting for the bus to take us to our next destination. John surprised me with a vintage purse (fossil) and a pair of armani sun glasses. He didn't tell me when he bought it because he knows that I am going to oppose for it was a bit pricey.

Fun Adventures part 1

Our getaway trip going to Osan became get-a-wait when our bus broke down. The must awaited excitement turned into exhaustion chasing around my son inside the bus when he got bored waiting for the replacement bus that will take us to our destination. Thanks goodness, the bus arrived after an hour of waiting. The funny thing was, it broke down in the middle of a freeway lol! So we can't do anything but to watch the cars passing by our bus, holly molly, what a trip! But anyhow our first day ended up with a nice dinner in Chili's where we devoured a fajita trio, chicken ranch and caesar salad.
Wasn't able to take photos of all sort because the battery died ...sigh.... Below is the hotel where we stayed. it is called Turumi Lodge - owned by the airforce base.

Can't Wait

Hello everyone, thanks a lot for visiting my blog even if i'm gone. I am just using the business center of the hotel, I can't take it anymore, i have to use a computer or i'll be nuts lol! My husband took a picture of me saying "breaking the addiction" hahaha! We'll be back tomorrow afternoon, so please hang in there friends, I'll visit you all back. Our vacation is awesome so far, we still have a night to enjoy. Have fun blogging everyone, i'll see u tomorrow.