Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red Dress

Hello there everyone, I am chubskulit in bloglandia. When I was in elementary, our principal used to call me ROSALIE.  Then when I was in high school, my science teacher used to call me ROSALIND. When I went  to college and graduate school, everyone calls me ROSE.  Anyhow, enough of my  name history hehehe.

Can you blame me if I love roses?  The necklace with a rose pendant was given to me by my husband while the rose pin was given to me by my father-in-law.
 I love color RED, and this RED dRess caught my attention when we went to the mall.  Too bad, there's no size that would fit me because I am way "TINY" as most people addresses me lol.  Sometimes, in order for me to buy clothes that would fit, I go to teens section wahhhh.
Hope you guys are having a blast!