Friday, April 20, 2012

Volunteer Teacher

The Burritos did not expect any treats from the Easter Bunny this year but the "Easter Bunny" left them something at our storage area.  Daddy told the kids to look for it in the house but they couldn't find any so he suggested for them to look in the basement, garage, and storage.  Here's Mr. Burrito finding the Easter baskets   in their bikes.
Ms. Burrito had  an 11 days off from school during Easter  holiday so he volunteered to teach his brother. She is stricter than me so Mr. Burrito complained sometimes about it. 
It is so nice to hear when the two  are working together but it is challenging when  their  ideas clashed and does not conform with each other.  Oh boy, my Burritos are NOT babies anymore.  In fact, Mr. Burrito objects when I call him my "Baby" lol.  

Let me end this post by sharing you this quote by the novelist, Vladimir Navokov.
"Discussion in class, which means letting twenty young blockheads 
and two cocky neurotics discuss something that 
neither their teacher nor they know."

Actor and Actress Pretenders

These are my little artists pretending to be an actor and actress. They would often climb in our bed and sing and dance to entertain us.
Mr. Burrito love to strum his guitar and Ms. Burrito would sing her heart out  using the Paper Jamz Pro Series or sometimes they would sing using our karaoke mic.  It's  a fun  and joyful entertainment to watch these  angels of mine.   I'll show you the picture of my husband when he  played bass in their  band during his teenage years lol.
I hope you guys enjoyed the extra day off  yesterday, we had a blast!