Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surgeries and Recovery

Champ & Chelsea's surgeries went well. Champ recovered fast but Chelsea was pretty sore for a couple of days. Dr. David E. Sommerville is their Vet, he is pretty nice. Him and his son owns the Two Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Wintersville Ohio.
We took the kids with us so that they would get involve with taking care of our lovely doggies, this was their first time going there.
They were so concerned about their surgeries. Rylie kept asking if Chelsea is going to be okay.
They were pretty sore after the day of the surgery. Sorry guys, we had to do it, I hope that you understand what we did with you. Having a female dog that is not spayed is a little bit hard because when they are in-heat, they want to run away so they could find a mate. It is also messy especially on the carpet, that is why we decided to have Chelsea spayed.
That's how her surgery looked like after a couple of days passed. Her and Champ are doing alright now.
It cost us $420.55 for both of their surgeries and other vaccination. Hopefully, the insurance will cover most of it. We filed our claim the other day and see what they say about it.