Saturday, March 18, 2017

Honoring a WW2 Veteran with 21 Gun Salute

As I have mentioned in my last post, we visited my FIL on President's Day and we noticed that he was very skinny already and he  didn't really want to  talk.  He didn't even want to  do anything.  By then, we knew that something was  wrong.  A week after that, he was rushed to the  emergency at Trinity hospital.   The doctor said that he   had a flu then a  a sepsis, a life-threatening complication of an infection. .  Sepsis occurs when chemicals released in the bloodstream to fight an infection trigger inflammation throughout the body. This can cause a cascade of changes that damage multiple organ systems, leading them to fail.  He stayed there for  over a week, he got better, he even  got up one time and said " Get me out of here".  I think that was his way of saying  that he is ready to go because  after that, his internal organs started to shut down.

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On March 10th, I was attending a school mass at church and I had this feeling of uneasiness. When the mass was over, I was very surprised to see my husband outside the church. He said that he got a message from his niece that Dad's condition turned for the worse.  He was transferred to the hospice.   He passed away the next day (March 11th).  It was hard saying goodbye to him because he was a great father to his kids, a great grandpa to his grand kids, and a great  FIL.  However it was a relief that his sufferings has finally ended. He lived a long  but  wonderful life.

My FIL, Jennings worked for Weirton Steel for 35 years. He proudly served in the United States Army, where he received a bronze star.  World War 2 veterans is slowly thinning out.  Not many of them are still alive.  He was honored with a 21-gun salute during his  burial.  
I have never seen my husband   get so emotional with anything so it was  humbling to see him grieved for his Dad.  Even though we  kind of expected my FIL's passing, it was still very hard for all of us.  I guess, when a person that dies have touched so many lives during his lifetime, it's hard to let go.  
The funeral services was  done by Greco-Hertnick.  The viewing was March 14th and he was laid to rest  on March 15th at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens.
Relatives and friends from  nearby states came to give their last respect  to him.  Funerals is always a sad time but most of the times, you get to see  family and friends that you haven't seen for a long time.  
Dad's younger sister  sister from Ohio was really heartbroken.  They were very close.

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I am so glad that before my PC crashed, I was able to upload these photos because now, I can't access my documents.  This computer won't even read my camera chip anymore.  I was able to fix some issue and able to use it to post but I still can't access my documents. I am not a very techy person so I don't like when this happens. I have to figure out how to access my documents again because I have so many photos and videos that I need to back up and save to a portable drive. I should have not put it aside but that's what happens when you exercise maƱana habit.