Friday, July 24, 2009

First Steps

Bilis ng panahon noh, it is Friday once again my dear friends. This is probably my favorite day of the week because it is the last day of the week for hubby's work hehehe. And it is a Mommy Moments day, this week's theme is "first step"
Here are my entries. EJ was one year old in here (his first bday). The first time he successfully climb Pap's stairs. With Pap's assistance.. Yipppeee, I think I can do it.... Oppppsss, I can't let go of the crib yet.. See, I can do it alone! Okay I need some moral support from my big dog..
Okay Dad, I am ready! I can't count how many times I got so many scubs on my knees trying my best to walk..
I need more confidence Mom.... I need a little help from you partner.. I think I can climb in this stairs too... Okay Mom, watch me... I don't want to fall.. Okay guys, have fun and thanks for peeking on my entry! If you want to share your memorable mommy moments, join us at The Mommy Journey!