Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Odd Rules

When my  daughter's classmates came out the school building yesterday, I saw their school bags full of books so I was expecting that she would have a full one too.  When she came out, she  didn't have any in her bag.  I immediately asked why she doesn't have books.  She said  that she finished all her  works in the classroom but she got "yelled" by the sub-teacher.  I asked her why she got yelled at.  She said that the substitute teacher thought that she  did her work at home.

My kids are very sensitive  and sometimes they tend to exaggerate things like whenever I  raised my voice on them, they think that I am already screaming at them.    So I asked her again if the teacher really yelled at her and she said that the teacher did yelled at her.  My question now is, why does my daughter has to work slow  if she can do it faster than the rest? I don't think that's the problem if I am the teacher.  I don't doubt that my daughter can finish her work for two days in one setting because even when she is attending her gifted class on Tuesdays, she still manages to get her missed work done in the classroom before going home,

Sometimes, I feel like it is kind of ridiculous how  things work in school here, sigh.  Daughter is a bit bored because she is not being challenged and now she is being reprimanded because she works fast, what the heck.