Friday, March 25, 2011

Test Fire and Enjoying the Wild Life

We went and visit my brother-in-law out in New Cumberland last weekend. My husband brought the hunting gun that he bought so he could test fire it at my BIL's property.
We called  Dad earlier if he wants to go with us  but he said no.  We went to his anyway and I convinced him to go.  Thanks Dad!
The humongous racing track at my BIL's game room.
This kind of activity is  so much enjoyed by our burritos.  They love to explore the nature.
While Daddy is getting ready for his  first fire..
We enjoyed posing and looking at worms, acorns, and other  bugs around.
They love throwing rocks on the stream.
Ms. Burrito can walk up and down the mountain with no problem but Mr. Burrito   catches his breath really easy.
Ms. Burrito took some of this photos.
Father and son bonding.
Have a nice day everyone!

Welcome.. Oink.. Moo... Baa

I took a shot of this cute welcome display at my BIL's home in NC  Aren't they cute?  Oink, Moo, and Baa welcomes you to camera critters hehehehe.