Friday, May 7, 2010

Apology Accepted

Our little girl was showing us some attitude the other day when we were outside doing our fence. Hubby and I gave her some heart to heart talk and lecture. Daddy said not to come unless she straightened her attitude. She cried and disappeared for a while, when she came back, she gave me a petal of Iris, and said "Sorry".

Apology accepted anak. She was still crying in the photo. See the shadow of the flower in her legs? Perfect for Shadow Shot Sunday entry.

Mother Goose

We spotted this Canadian goose at Tomlinson Lake when we had our little trek adventure two weeks ago. I am not sure if she's a Mom but I'll just assume that she's a mother goose since it is mother's day and it's fitting to talk about mothers.

Being a mother is a great feeling but when you're kids are in the right age already and have their own lives, you'll go back to where you started, just like mother goose.

Okay, I'll just swim alone since my kids aren't here anymore.

No, I am not going nuts guys, I am just missing my Mom lol! Happy Mother's day Mommies!