Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change - Week Two

I did not do any sit ups and crunches last week because Lady in Red prevented me to (Good excuse lol). I had cramps and I really did not feel like doing any exercise. However, I went for a 15-minute walk at my FIL's neighborhood and I actually sweat a lot even if it was cold. Another thing that helps my exercise goal is by walking with my daughter in going to and from school instead of driving.  Are you with us in shedding off some unwanted  fats?  Join us by clicking the badge below.

These activities gave me an opportunity to see the beautiful sunrise. 

Have a good night everyone, gotta go to bed now.  Thanks for dropping by!

Soft and Snuggly

Having a new born baby in the house is so overwhelming. Parents oftentimes is full of mixed emotions happy because of the new addition and sometimes worried of the big responsibility that comes with it. When you have a baby, you always want the best for them. Make them comfortable and safe all the time and giving them the best that you could. Your baby's clothing like onesies should be soft and snugly so they should get the comfort that is appropriate to their very delicate  body.
If you are looking for a total comfort for your new bundle of joy, cotton clothing  would be a a great choice.  You can find baby clothes and other accessories at a great price at Baby Jay website.  You may want to check out by visiting the link I have provided above.  They offer wholesale prices for rompers and outfits, hats and accessories, body suites and t-shirts, and many more.  When we  threw a small baby shower to our friend, hubby and I  bought some onesies and diapers and other stuff and  gave it to the couple for their baby.  The Mom said that she got a lot of baby stuff with the different baby showers that was given to them  by friends and family.  That's the advantage of  being pregnant here in the States and other countries because you get to receive gifts before giving birth.  It is not a common thing in the country where I came from hehehe.