Friday, August 22, 2014

Rain or Shine: The Regatta at Lake Arthur

We were invited to a Fil-Am party at Moraine State Park in Pleasant Valley, Portersville PA. It was an hour or so drive from our city. The morning of the event, it was raining so hard and we doubted that it would be a good day to go but since we already promised the person who invited us that we are going, we went despite of the weather condition.
It was still raining when we arrived but later on, the weather got so much better and we ended up having a blast.  The kids had so much fun at the  Lake Arthur.  The Regatta at Lake Arthur had different kinds of events that day so we  all enjoyed it as a family after we departed from the Fil -Am party and decided to have fun at the lake.
It was a bit chilly that day but the kids courageously  plunged in the water.
HUbby and I sat on the bench up top while watching the Burritos have fun in the water.
You can rent a kayak boat or you can bring your own floating device like this family did.
After an hour or so, the kids had enough of the water.  I like it that  they put a mark where you can swim and  they also put sand  so kids can play like they are in the ocean, pretty neat.

Our trip was worth it, rain or shine, there are things to do at Lake Arthur  because of the Regatta program they have.  You can ride their boat tour and they would take you around the  lake.  We didn't get to do that due to time constraints but maybe next time.