Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mt. Jiri Hike

We went hiking up Mt. Jiri-Republic of Korea on May 3, 2008. We didn't make it to the top but it was fun.. My husband was carrying our 16 months old EJ on a baby carrier and I carried our 2 year old, Rylie, when she needed help. Amazingly, Rylie, pushed on further than any other child her age could during our climb....she is a true fighter. It was hard, we tried to keep up with the rest of the hikers but we have to make mini stops for EJ's mimi-time and diapie change. He drunk too much water. Good thing we brought some oranges with us which keep us refreshed. Finally my daughter said, "can we go back now guys, I am tired already?" So we decided to turn and go back down. We were short on time but not on will. We will make the climb again when we have more time to complete it. Forget aerobics class......if you want a great workout, strap a baby to your body and climb a mountain......whew!
This is in front of the main temple
Taking pictures while others were using the restroom at Cheond Phoung Gas Station.
This is where we end our quest lol. Our princess can't endure it anymore..
A sweet hug in exchange of going up further and seeing the falls..

Cooling down from atop the mountain..

Rylie is taking a rest.

Here's some more pictures:
EJ got scared of the inflatable figures lol..

Here's the start of the quest lol..

This was when we got back from the mountain hike... This is the place where the mini temples are..

Notice how my son is freaking out because he wanted his mim

One of the many wooden bridges going up the mountain

Mt. Jiri is a mountain in the southern region of South Korea. Some Koreans see it as one of the three most important mountains in South Korea, with Hallasan and Seoraksan (we also  went on this one) being the other two. This 1915m (6,283 ft)-high mountain is located in Jirisan National Park.