Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 During the Christmas Play at my daughter's school, her partner was supposed to be  her husband.  It was cute to watch them.
 Before the start of the play,  one of  the moms came and talked to me.  She was laughing because she said that  her son asked my daughter for a DATE?  What?????  A first grader asking for a date?  It freaked me out a little.  Then she said that my daughter said "NO" to her son which she found very clever. Oh thank goodness!

Then  a few weeks ago, he gave this craft that he did for my daughter.  My daughter said that he asked  her again if they can go for a date (watch movie specifically). Oh my,  this is making me so worried wahhhh.  I told my daughter that she can not date until she's 18 hahaha.  I might  be the most paranoid  parent there is lol.   But hey, I never got to  experienced that kind of thing till I was in my late teens lol.
Ms. Burrito gave this  animal toy to her brother which he  found  fun to feed with.  Oh boy, what is the matter with kids nowadays. Phew!