Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Doze of D

When Mr. Burrito got a doze of diarrhea, we ended up bringing him to the doctor after a couple of days.  While waiting for the doctor, we don't have anything to do  but play with the camera just to pass the time.
It turned out to be  a disappointment because the doctor did not do anything, she told us that it will eventually stop.  So our   one hour was wasted there.  Oh well, it is still good to ask the opinion of the professional right?

Mr. Burrito learned a big lesson  about this  experience, he is now very  cautious in touching stuff.  He washes his hands frequently now and does not  put things in his mouth.  It's funny that every time he passes gas, he would ask "Is it a Diarrhea Mom?"


I got this bookcase from CSN for free. This company has changed it's ownership and is now a Wayfair. I liked the management of CSN because they give some deserving bloggers to review their product and in return they give you gift codes to buy the product that you want from their store.  This bookcase holds the answers to most of my children's curiosity and inquisitive mind about different things.  My daughter's favorite book to read  is her Bible and the Atlas of the World  book.
Originally posted on June 30, 2008 - S. Korea.

My daughter like to try a lot of things. She is very active, the only time she takes time to rest is when she sleeps. She is also very inquisitive with every thing, love to ask so many questions. But most of the time she's very ornery.. Just like today, she dumped half of the content of the baby cologne on a baby wipe. I asked her why she did it, she told me that she have to clean her hands and clean the table too, expensive way of cleaning huh! 

Then after I gave her a bath, she stuck her two hands on the vicks, wahhhhhhh! She said she need to put it in her chest so she won't get sick, pretty good anticipation lol.. And then now, she unrolled a lot of paper towels.. At first she said, she's making lumpia and then she changed her mind into wrapping gifts... Oh my golly, my girl is driving me crazy! I find it cute though that she have all these ideas in mind lol..

The last photo showed the butchered version of Mrs. Potato Head  that she made from her  Playdoh lol.

Chess Winner

Hello everyone, I apologize if I haven't been around in your blog today. We were so busy in school and other activities at home.   Today was the first day of the Catholic School Week celebration at St. Joe's dubbed as "Faith , Academics, and Service."  It was an Open House today and parents and grandparents were invited to come  to the classroom and   see how  the kids  act and participates  with the teacher's lessons.  Mr. Burrito   got a special seat in the classroom and he got the chance to participate with the other children.  This experience  helped boost Mr. Burrito's confidence to go to school.
In the afternoon, they had the computer class.  It's amazing how kids are so  good with computer  stuff nowadays unlike  in my generation lol.  Mr. Burrito learned some  stuff on the computer too.
Ms. Burrito and Billy.  These two are the Asians  in their class.  Ms. Burrito and Billy were  awarded   for their good deeds.  In their class, they have this behavior chart where the teacher give them  sticker every time they do a good deed then at the 9th week, the students with most stickers gets a a prize.
When we came home, we played  play doh.  Ms. Burrito  made these, pretty timing for letter C of  ABC Wednesday  isn't it?  Believe me, I did not ask her to do that.  She showed it to  me  when she was almost done.
This reminds me when I was still single.  I am always at the end of the line whenever we have to claim our   Christmas Bonus in the school where I worked then because  my Maiden name starts with letter O but when I got married to C, I got in front of the line... such a relief lol.
After dinner, Ms. Burrito  challenged Champ to play chess with  her but Champ thought it's  boring lol.
Ms. Burrito played with  Mr. C and today was the very first time she  won against my husband  wohooooo.
Alright, sorry for this long post,  I am  just in the mood to go on and on lol.  By the way, please join me with Ms. Burrito's  Color Connection meme every Friday.  You can  post  any color that you like.

Ciao everyone and thank you for  your visit and comments.

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