Thursday, May 15, 2014

Easter Egg Hunting

I know that this is very late but oh well "better late than never right"?  It was a chilly morning when some of the Madonna High School volunteers have organized an Easter Egg Hunt by the St. Joseph church.  We live very close so we just walked over there so the kids can have some fun.

 It was  a breath of fresh air to  see the kids enjoy the outdoors even though it was chilly but with their  endless energy, they couldn't feel the  cool temperature as they chased each other and played.
 The girls also set up some fun activities after the egg hunt like  craft project and face painting.
 They also provide some drinks and cookies for the kids and adults.
 I love the community where we live because we care for  each other.  Most people know everybody and they are very friendly.  Kids are trained in school  to be compassionate  and respectful individuals.

That's why even a good opportunity is knocking at our door, we can't easily move away from where we live now because the kids love it here.  We don't want to rob them a good environment to grow up with.

Happy Mother's day to all the Moms in the World!
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach

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I have been very stressed out lately due to some recent events that had happened to my family back home.  On instances like this, I wish that I could go somewhere where I can  relax for a while and not think about the problems.  Say  for example a weekend getaway at the beautiful  St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino, that would really be so nice.

 I was looking at the St. Kitts Marriott Super Sand Dollars offer and it seems very appealing.  With the Super Sand Dollar offer, you get to stay four nights, and get three nights free!  Great deal isn't it?  I am always  fascinated by different  kinds of cuisine from different places, so I would love to   try their local delicacies.  Based from what I have read  at the website, they are surrounded by  so many restaurants so dining  is not a problem.  A relaxing afternoon at their spa would be a nice treat for my body.   I would even enjoy a  peaceful walk down the beach.

 photo SKBRB_pool_2012-4RESIZEDREQUIRED_zps1719b7cd.jpg
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 photo SKBRB_SE_Peninsula_2012RESAVED_zps1e207529.jpg
If you would like to Discover St. Kitts Package and other great deals, check them out by visiting their website.  Summer is fast approaching and if you are looking  for a great alternative for  Costa Rica, St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino would be a perfect choice.  
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Monday, May 5, 2014

#Doodle4Google Journey

In order to  achieve success to your goal, you must overcome obstacles that  come along the way.  I am sure that in every man's success, there's always obstacles that comes  with it.  Success doesn't come easy right?  Unless of course if you were born with  a silver spoon in your mouth then you are set.  Sharing  below is my daughter's journey to #Doodle4Google Contest.  We encountered some hiccups but still a great opportunity for her.

March 6 - My daughter's  teacher in the Gifted program  handed her  the  entry form for the Doodle4Google.  The teacher is suppose to  collect  their entry  the next Thursday (the day of their gifted program class) but she  wasn't there, something important came up and she couldn't make it to the class.

March 16 - we decided to send our daughter's entry without showing it to the teacher because we did not have time anymore as the  entries should be received by Google on the  20th.

April 14 - We received a  call from a Google representative  informing us that Rylie is this year's West Virginia winner and that she  is competing against the other 49 state finalists through public voting.  We were also  instructed not to tell anyone yet and keep it within   the family.  We were not informed however that we can't tell our daughter so upon receiving the call, we immediately told her.  Google said that they are going to call the school to set up an assembly for Rylie.

April 17 - 24 - the school was on Easter break so when Google was  trying to contact the school, nobody was there.  So the Google representative  emailed us about the problem and we tried to contact  one of our daughter's teacher through email but she did not reply.  The next day, the Google rep said that if we could not help them  get a contact from the school, they will not be able to do the assembly  for our daughter.

My husband and I were freaking out  because we did not have a personal contact information of the Principal, gladly, I have a cellphone number of the school librarian which is also  my children's art teacher.  So I texted her and asked if I could give her  contact info to the Google rep. I was thankful that she stepped up and made things possible.  Thank you so much Mrs. Wright!
April 28 - the school have announced  that one of the students in school is the West Virginia winner.  Since it was already announced in school, our daughter wrote something about it on her Facebook page
April 29 - assembly on all 50 finalists were scheduled on this day but the  Gifted program teacher at my children's school had to go to a History bowl so she could not make it.  She talked to the Google rep and asked if they could make ours on the 30th, luckily, Google agreed.  April 29th was also the  day where public voting have started.
April 30 - a special assembly was held in school to reveal the design that our daughter did.  Hubby took a day off  so we could both attend to the special event.  We were very excited.  We attended the early morning mass and we let our daughter wore the shirt that Google sent her as per instruction from the representative that was assigned to us.
After the mass, we went to the school gym where the event was going to be  held.  
The unveiling of her design  was pretty exciting.  The Google representatives  did a quick presentation  about the company and the  Doodle4Google program.
They asked  our daughter to  describe her  Doodle.  So proud how confident  Ms. Burrito did her  presentation.
THe Google representatives were very nice.
With her Gifted Program teacher, Mrs. Donofe and art teacher, Mrs. N. Wright.
With the principal, class teacher, gifted program teacher, art teacher, and the priest.
Mr. Boniti, Mrs. Lammers, Rylie, Mrs. Donofe, Mrs. Wright, and Fr. Manny  Gilido
With school stuff and Honorable Mayor George Kondik.
Photo opp with the Mayor.
With her number one supporters, her friends and classmates, the 3rd graders.
The Google reps.
Inside their classroom.
Our 8 year-old Scientist wannabe, J.RylieC.
Please help our daughter advance to top 5 spot by casting your vote HERE.  Public voting ends on May 9th. I hope that you can cast a vote for her, she is representing the State of West Virginia. Thank you so much!