Sunday, March 29, 2009

friends back home

We took our children to Divine Word College of Legazpi, the school where I work then and the kids had fun playing with my former officemates. Rylie took this one pic of me and my friends.Pictures were taken at night time that's why they're dark.


  1. pwede na maging photographer te hehe,nakakamis ang pinas

  2. Ay naku ang saya ninyo, for sure your former officemates were so happy to see you and the two bulilits in tow.

  3. nakamiss man ang divine!
    gare mads under ka kan registrar b4 lol!

  4. ahhh kakainggit naman kayu jan so happy kakamiss talaga pero me nakalimutan ka ata isama sa picture Rose (lol)

    hahaha tama si Fe


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