Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goodies... good luck... great friends....great people

Our November started very nice. We received a package from my sister in law in the States today, it was full of goodies.. Thanks a lot Chris, you delighted our day! The shoes and slippers fit perfect, you're awesome! Here's the model lol... The next good luck is that I got approved from one of the paying website and was given a task right away. Thanks loudlaunch and for the sponsor! And then, my co worker gave me another student, which, I am now giving to my husband for him to tutor hahaha. Another thing to thank about is that hubby vacuumed and scrubbed the carpet, mwah! I also got my first payment from reviewme, thanks again to the sponsors!Wondering who's the lady above? She is an awesome blogger with a big heart, ready to lend a hand when you need her. She is a Lady Programmer, a real GEM in the world wide web. Thank you so much Gem for solving the dilemma in hubby's blog, words cannot express how much we appreciate your kindness. I also would like to thank the couple Iceah and Kuya Pasti, for offering their help and for helping me also with my issue with social spark post before. I am so blessed to have weblog friends like you. I just realized now that Bayanihan still exist with Filipinos. May God bless you guys always!

Haunted Tale

Here's a story of the two kids of a couple who celebrated their spooky Halloween in Chinhae Korea. We'll go on with the tale through pictures. Here we go, we will start with the try out with the costume.
The boy named EJ refused to wear his Indian boy costume, while the little girl Rylie enjoyed her lil' devil outfit. Halloween isn't fun for EJ, for him its a torture lol... Nahh just kidding, he wasn't feeling good because of his sipon (cold). Awoooooooooo! "Be ready to hide, I'm coming" said Lady in Red. Ms. Lil' devil is trying to play a trick with her brother so that EJ will stop crying... Hmmmmnnn, looks like its working.. see the smile on EJ's face? Good job Ate! The family invited a couple of friends to make the celebration more fun and memorable. Here's Lady Red with the Knight, his name is Dae In or David. He is the son of the family's friend, Eula. Amy was invited also. Thanks guys for coming! Here's going to the haunted house.. The medical team made it inside the bunker.
Creepy....Awooooooooooo! There's no success in exploring the haunted house because as soon as we entered the door, EJ freaked out. Rylie went down bravely, until.....she saw the dummies, laying everywhere and a scary voice chased us away. Rylie screamed "I wanna go out now, let's go back up, I am scared". So we failed to see everything.

the treaters... A lot of Korean kids came to the base, i think 80 percent of the trick or treaters are from Korea since the don't celebrate it such occasion.
We head down to Duffy's when we got tired and enjoyed some pizza, chicken and bread sticks. Forgot to take pix, the mommy was so hungry to remember it lol...
In front of Duffy's resto...

Amy's sweet Halloween treat for Rylie.. Thank you so much Amy-Kamsa Hamnida!