Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time Out With Friends

It's Mommy Moments day once again. This Friday's theme is "Time Out with Friends". My buritoes don't really have a lot of friends here because we seldom go out. They just basically play with the two boys next door. Here's Rylie learning how to play soccer with the other kids in the base. Playing with Archie and Chiles at the play area beside our house. The Korean kid that rylie met and played with at the Home Plus play area. Rylie's friends when we were in West Virginia. These photos were taken during last year's celebration of United States's Independence Day. With the Alba's. Please share your Mommy Moments and stories-- join us here. We' d love to hear from you!

Air Freshener

My husband got this air freshener when they had their community relation activity in Kojedo Aikwangwon. The place where the special children are being taken care of here in the land of the morning calm. This air freshener is locally made by the special children there.

the great wall.. souveniers

Our family friend, Ms. Emily Mack and her husband went to China for a vacation last month and she gave us some souvenirs when they came back. Thanks a lot Ate Ems, may God bless you with your kindness, thoughtfulness and for being such a good friend to us through thick and thin!
This make me really wanna see the Great Wall of China hehehe..

Legendary Volcano

This was taken during our second day in Jeju when we first explore the Lotte's beautiful garden. This one is taken from the legendary volcano. The Koreans believe that when it erupted a spirit came to life and remain in the said volcano which served to be the care taker of the place. (Pardon if the information is not too accurate, it is just based from what I remembered on the thing that I read).
On our last night of stay, they had a Volcano Fountain show. I wasn't able to take the dragon that emerged from the water though. The chip of my camera was full already. This is the only one that I captured.
Have a good day everyone!