Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grocery Day

Some of you might have seen these photos already as I posted it in my Etcetera blog last year. These were taken at the Commissary inside the base in Korea. I miss shopping there because all the produce are really cheap compared to the stores in here. Hubby and I can buy a pack of pork ribs for just a couple of dollars but over hear, you will shell out 8 dollars to buy a decent one.

But anyhow, since I don't have any pictures of us in the grocery store over here, I decided to use these photos for the them at Mommy Moment this week.

Sometimes people would look at me like I am sort of weirdo or something when I am taking photos but what the heck, I don't care because I really want our kids to remmeber everything that we do together as a family.

Coke Refinery

These were taken a couple of weeks ago when we visited our niece in Follansbee. There is a Coke Refinery on the way so I took some shots. The kids love the flames that is coming out from the torch (not sure if that's what you call it).
It's hard to take pictures when the vehicle is moving so photos here were not as great as I wanted it to.
Happy Sky watching everyone.

Plates with Wrought Iron Caddy

A very good and thoughtful friend sent me this beautiful beautiful set of eight 6" plates with with wrought iron caddy that she bought from CSN stores, thank you so much sis Dhemz! I know that you don't have to really give me something because it was your prize but you included me in your winning anyways.

I so love this because every time I am teaching my daughter with our one-on-one lessons in the dining room area, I always see this pretty set in our China Cabinet. Aren't they lovely?

My husband said that I should look for some saucers and plates to match this set so I browsed through CSN's robust selection and found this Mikasa Indigo Bloom Rectangular Platter which is also available in oval shape. These would be perfect to match them.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Precious Gifts

We would like to thank the Cole family from Pennsylvania for sending us a box of goodies last week. Thank you so much Mel for being such a thoughtful and nice friend, may God bless you more for that! Blogging have brought me so much great experiences especially in meeting good people.

Mel sent a Holly Royalton Collection with a certificate of authenticity. Holly's head hands and feet are fashioned of fine hand - painted bisque porcelain. Her costume has been hand-tailored using the finest fabrics and trims.
Do you see how happy she is in the picture? Thanks Mel for the gorgeous sterling-swarovski earring you sent me. You made my two sweet tooth men happy with the box of chocolate - my husband's favorite brand too. Most especially, our little man was so happy that he has something in the box, he is a fan of light bug years characters. He love those cute pencils and the stickers and magnet stickers made the two really busy hahaha.

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much Mel. I hope that in due time, we will meet your family in person sistah. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Golden Beauty

I saved so many seeds of this flower a couple of years ago and this year, I spread them out in my flower bed. I have so many of them in here. I don't exactly know the name of this flower though. Do you know?

Little Red Head

If you guys noticed, our little darling Gracie has a red hair. She is our little red head baby in the family. I also love her light blue eyes, they're look gorgeous on her. This shot was taken at my friend Raquel's house when we picked some plums from her backyard.


Our neighbor gave us two more baskets of apricots. He said that they are tired of eating them and the deers are starting to help themselves so he picked 'em all up and gave it to us. I am so happy because I love apricots. I still have to dry all of the seeds so I can try it. He said that they tastes like an almond.

Roses from my Garden

Before our dog Chelsea eat my flower, I took some of the rose in my garden. My yellow rose is doing pretty well this year.

Do you cut your roses too? The roses smells good so I want it's fragrance inside the house.

Have a lovely start of the week for those on the other side of the world. For those peeps from this side, goodnight!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Champ's Perseverance

Some fan (lol) is missing Champ in my blog so I am featuring him here. These were taken last weekend when my husband and I played with Champ, we wore him out by throwing the ball back and forth and he also climb on the slide a bunch of times just to get his dog toy.

Champ is a super hyper dog and he constantly wants to play all the time. He never get tired of it.

Here's a video of his perseverance and hardwork lol.

Mums with a twist

My mum flowers are in full bloom now. I saw this old weed flower on top of it and took a pic. Isn't it pretty? If you guys want to plant a less maintenance flowers, mum is the way to go. They come back every year and their bloom is gorgeous!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chubby Cheeks

If you want t ease some of your worries, just look at Gracie's chubby cheeks and radiating beauty. Our little Ms. Red Head always gives us smiles even if she doesn't feel good. She is the kind of baby that you want to baby sit as she is really good! We love you Grace!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sky Watch

I really enjoy participating to the Sky watch meme, I just couldn't keep up with it now that I am pretty busy with my daughter. She did pretty well on our math lessons today, she actually can read the numbers 1-100 now. I am hoping that she would be able to recognize all of them this week.

Inexpensive Hobbies

One of the many things that my husband and I has in common for a hobby is photography. Before I discovered blogging, I used to spend 20-50 bucks worth of money in ordering copies of the photos we've taken. But when I started blogging, I only upload them here and did not bother having hard copies anymore, although I still want to (I just can't afford as there's too many lol). Anyhow, these two are always the subject of our photography obsession.
I love gardening as a hobby too. This year though, I did not buy any plants at all as I did not have any savings for it. What I did was spread out the seeds that I collected from the previous years and that is all what I have in my garden this year. I still have pretty flowers even if I did not spend any thing this year. Do you save the seeds too?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Men are Sick and another teaching session for my daughter

Hello everyone, howdy? My daughter and I just finished our lesson for today. We focused on her counting and familiarized herself with each number. She knows how to count but if you ask her a certain number with two digits, she find it hard to identify them. She learned a lot today but we still have to go with it over and over again to master it.
Sometimes I forgot that I am teaching a 5 year old and I am being so hard on her. I salute all the teachers who patiently teaches children, it takes a lot of passion to be a good teacher. I don't think I could do it as a profession as I don't have much patience.
On the other note, I mentioned yesterday that both hubby and son are sick. I wasn't able to sleep good last night because my son was pretty much affected with his cold. After eating breakfast today, they both went back to bed and when they woke up, they both feel a little better.
These shots were taken yesterday when we visited my father-in-law. Every time these three are sitting together, I always took pictures of them so that when my son grow up, he would see how close the three of them were.
Thank you all so much once again for always dropping by and for leaving your valuable comments.