Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gas Leak

We are now on letter G with ABC Wednesday. Call it a coincidence but today, my husband discovered that our gas is leaking. He was at our garage playing with our dog when he smelled the gas. He called the gas company and they sent someone immediately.
The service utility man poked a meter on the ground and saw a 100% gas leak. He shut off our Gas line because it's too dangerous. According to him, any spark can ignite the gas leaks and blow our house. Oh my G... imagine, how scary that is. So hubby started making calls for plumbing services to have the pipe dug out. The first one to came gave us an estimate of $1,100. I almost fell in my chair lol.
The service utility man overheard the guy who came and pulled my husband aside and recommended somebody he knows. Hubby called the recommended one, he came over and gave us an estimate of $650. Oh thanks God, that's 400 bucks less than the first. The good thing is that, according to the two employees who came from the city told us that they are going to pay for the reconstruction of the sidewalk, so hooray for that.
Don't you just love those  surprises?  But that is  the price you pay when you own a home... expect the unexpected.. expenses that is.  So tonight, we won't  have  a furnace and hot water (until  Thursday).  We went to my FIL and took our night time shower.  Luckily, we have two  portable electric heater  that we bought last year that could keep us warm while  being out of furnace.  I am also glad that our stove is electric and not gas.

I realized one thing, although we don't have gas, it's fine with me because  we have electric.  When you don't have electric, it's worse isn't it?  At least with electric, I can still cook, wash clothes, and blog weee.

Gas leak is being linked to  ABC Wednesday.  GOD is Great.  He spared us from having an unimaginable accident.