Monday, June 28, 2010

Button on the Nose

Some of you might remember when I posted the incident about my daughter inserting a bead inside her nose. I totally freaked out when Rylie stuck a bead in her nose because that time my husband was at work and that was the first that I ever encounter such a thing.

Our son did the same thing. I think he found a button on the floor and insert it in his nose. Last Thursday night, he kept digging his nose and telling us that there is a big boogger there. I cleaned it with q-tip but he wasn't satisfied and said that it's still there. I looked but did not see anything. The next day, he was doing it again and this time I really let him lie down so I could take a good look at his nose. He told me this time that he stuck a button there, I was like "Oh no, not again"

I used a tweezer because the button was way down there. I couldn't get it since the tweezer is too big for his nose. Hubby instructed our son to blow his nose and thank God, he knows how to do it unlike Rylie who freaked out and couldn't do it. It came out a little bit and I was able to pull it out. Thanks EJ, you saved us from going to the hospital. I wonder why kids like to do these things. Does your kids do this stuff too?