Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kalahari Fun Water Obstacle

I gave my husband the camera  when the kids took off to swim because I had to stay  in the table where our things were.  We rented a locker but apparently, the lockers are  so small thjat it only fits a bag and some  small stuff.  If I could have known it was small, I would have just kept the money and just  guard our things my own, that's what I did  with the other things anway.
 But anyway, my husband  said that the kids liked this  obstacle course set up which they call American Ninja obstacles lol.
 Bopth kiddos are very  competitive so they made a bet that whoever drop on the water loses.
 So here they go.  Glad both of them are strong for this type of activity.
 As you can see, Rylie has two more  floats to go through and EJ still has three.
 .. and he dropped on the water at the ast one lol.
 It was a nice competitive race for  them.
EJ was bummed but Rylie was happy she completed the course without falling.  Rylie is a lot more cautions that him so in situations like this, she would always prevail.   They really had a blast out there.  They temporarily forgotten about Winter.