Monday, November 4, 2013

Digging for Worms: Time to BugOut

This post brought to you by The Orkin Ecologist. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello every-buggy, how was your weekend?  Don't mine me if I am talking  like  a bug right now, I am just feeling a little buggy.  We just got home from  visiting my father-in-law.  My husband said that  Dad caught a  grasshopper the other  day so he put it in a container so  the kids can see it.  Dad knows how much  our kids love bugs like  grasshopper, praying mantis, lady bugs and just about any kind of bugs except  spiders.  Unfortunately, the kids did not get to see it as Dad let him go yesterday, he said that  he look like getting sick so he lit  him go.

Anyway, if you are a frequent reader of my blogs, you  would know by now how  my son like to   study  worms of any kinds.  He always volunteer to help me when I am gardening because he love digging the dirt and   get the  earthworms.  He also  look around the plants and find  every bug he could see.  I will let the photo below talk about he likes to  investigate  and find those crawlies.  
I was showing him the scariest and deadliest bugs in the world at Orkin's website and he was like "Oh that is so cool!"  I am scardy cat when it comes to worms, even the littlest one scares the  heck out of me.    I actually bookmarked their webpage because I want my son  to study  the bugs  they features in their  website.  It is so nice to find companies like Orkin who  provides  information that  kids  are interested into.  I  also  showed my husband the different kinds of spiders as he is afraid of spiders.  To check out more about Orkin's critters and bugs,  you can follow them on Pinterest or like their Facebook page.

Are you afraid of any kind of bugs?
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