Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lamp from Garage Sale

Our neighor had a garage sale recently.  They were the one who gave me a bunch  of  plants for free.  I guess they want to get rid of  so many things that they don't need anymore.  Both of the cuple are golfers and they accumulated so many golf clubs, they sold so many of them for  a dollar each.  They gave our son an antiques school desk and an outdoor chair too.
I got these pretty red set of bowls and other knicknacks  for 12 dollars.  I really did not want to buy it but I fell in love with the color lol.
They gave these spices rack and bottles  to my daughter.
I needed a lamp for my  computer  desk and this one  is just perfect.  I bought it for $2.
See it matches the treasure  box that was sent to me by a friend from Japan.
These goodies that I bought from garage sale is my contribution to:

Joke Time

"A man that doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."
-The Godfather-

Joke is one spice that keeps our family merry and joyful.  These two jolly men  were having a joyous moment of their lives.  I am glad  hubby has a good sense of humor.  He makes us laugh all the time.  Above is just one of our joke time where everyone has teary eyes because of laughing.