Friday, October 7, 2011

Do You Think You can Dance?

Mr. Burrito loves to dance at home but he refuses to be enrolled to a dance studio. Last week, there was a free 45-minute lesson to one of the dancing school here in our area and we let our daughter tried to know if she like it more than the one where she is currently enrolled.  
Parents are not allowed to see the   students while dancing so me and Mr. Burrito went at the back of the studio where there is a hill. We busied ourselves back there.  Mr. Burrito  threw some rocks down the hill and I took some photos.
Ms. Burrito  liked it there but when the  owner handed us the rules, oh man, there were so many rules.  What I don't like is you don't get to see  your child practice dancing or you don't get to see them  in session.  You are also not allowed to take videos or photos during their performance.  So we are staying  on the current one.
So, do you think you can dance?  No,  can't, my feet are both left when it comes to dancing lol.