Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas no More..

We planned to take the Christmas decors this week so last Sunday, we took some pictures of us before putting them away.  If I am not mistaken, today is the  11th days of Christmas isn't it or am I wrong?  But anyhow, we took all the decors down today and  put them in the storage at the basement.
Mr. Burrito said that we shouldn't take them down yet because if Santa came by, he wouldn't leave any present anymore hahaha.  
We explained to him that  Santa will be watching again if he will be naughty or nice this year so that he could bring some present again next Christmas.
After  several but.. but.. but... he accepted the truth that the holiday is over hehehe.
Hope everyone is having a nice day today.  Thanks for dropping by.

Finance Goal on 2011

Do you have a financial goal for 2011? We do! We want to pay off one of the remaining credit card balance that we have left last year. I came across a personal finance blog and read some  very informative articles at their site.  We recently transferred  the college savings of the kids  to a 529 so stumbling upon this site is  a great help as they have  good source of information on investment.


Rare moment where  Mr. Burrito would let me  take a photo of him without moving around.  This is because he wanted to have his eyebrows photographed lol..