Thursday, October 22, 2009

Women's Closet

The theme for this week's Girl Talk Meme is about dresses. It is funny because I played dressed up with my husband. He asked "Why are you dressed up?" I said "you need to do a photo shoot for me". Luckily he was in the mood so he played along with me hahaha.

This is my very first dress where I spent more than a thousand pesos hehehe. If it wasn't for the very important event in the school where I work then, I wouldn't buy such a price for this. But we were instructed to wear formal clothes so I have to obey orders.

Of all the dresses, this is my favorite. I ca wear this everyday and everywhere.
I have never worn these four dress yet. John bought me this one recently as my anniversary gift.

He bought these two (pink and red) during our vacay in the Philippines.
I am flirting with my husband here lol..
I bought this one when we went to Pinas last March kaya lang I need to lose my bilbil pa before I could wear this outside the house lol.. Kaya nakasideview ako para di halata ang maximum bilbil hahaha..

Most of my clothes, shoes, and bags are chosen by my hubby. I am not good with girl stuff lol.. Happy Thursday everyone!