Sunday, June 14, 2015

Best Winter Fun

It is so hot right now so I thought of digging some of the winter photos to cool me down (weird huh), lol.   Anyway, I  for got to  post this anyway.  These photos were taken in January after they got out from school. Kids don't mind if it's freezing, they just want to have fun  playing in the snow.
 See how much snow is pouring?  Yep, we walk to school, rain or shine.  It's a five minute walk so  why bother to   burn gas for a short distance like that.  Besiddes, it's a great exercise for me and the kids especially on Winter that we seldom  go for a long walk.
IJ is very tough on cold weather, he  can take cold more than  Rylie.  Me and my daughter is  the same, our bodies are always cold so Winter is not for us.

So yeah, it  must be weird wreading this post containing Winter photos but this really cools me down now that it is too hot!