Friday, July 10, 2009

Pouting Faces

These two were taken when Rylie was three to four months old.
Rylie's first portrait 7 months old.. EJ is a natural pouter hehehe.. he can do it even on his sleep hehehe Thanks for dropping by everyone, have a nice day and thank you for your comment..

Anahaw Leaves

My family lives in Southern part of Luzon in the Philippines where the famous whale sharks can be found, in Donsol Sorsogon. My mother wants to live there because she was born and raised in Donsol, she find it very peaceful stay where she grew up. Most of the houses there uses Anahaw leaves for the roofing, only few uses the galvanized iron corrugated ones. Anahaw leaves makes the inside of the house more cooler compared to having a G.I.corr roof. Here are some snapshots of the anahaw leaves that hubby took when I introduced him to this plant. My father planted this before he died.
Have you ever seen an anahaw? I posted a researched details about anahaw at the comment section so you may read it if you are interested. I also found out that aside from fan (product i know out of anahaw) there is still product that you can make out of this leaf. I also would like to add that when I was in grade school we don't have lunch boxes so we were using the baby anahaw leaves to put our foods in, it's our alternative for banana leaves. You might not believe it but its true..