Monday, March 23, 2009

My Five Addictions

Mareng Niko tagged me with this one that requires me to list my top five addiction. So here it is Mare.. If you like answering this kind of tag guys, just please grab this okay. Have a nice day and may God bless you all always for always visiting and commenting.
1. I'm so addicted to Buko Juice (Coconut juice). It taste so delicious to me and help clean out my system too
2. Taking pictures is one of my top addiction. I can't resist to click, click ,click especially when it comes to my children.

Cashew nut

3. I'm addicted to cashew nuts. What can I do? It's so nutty hehehe..
4. I'm sooooooooo addicted to blah blah blogging lol.. Aren't you?
5. And most especially I am so addicted with Mi La Familia.


  1. hehehe...sino ba naman na blogger ang hindi addicted to blogging noh? nice to know this things about you my friend

  2. Hi, Rose, i have a tag for you.

    Have a nice day

  3. hehehe c: well aren't we all addicted to our family c: Pilipino ka talaga mare you love buko juice c:

  4. am glad to know almost all of my friends in blogosphere are addicted to their families. hihihi. :)

    super nice ng post ni rylie jan ha!! :)so cutey tlga!! haha

    thanks for doing the tag mare! i emailed u my number already.. see u here in manila!!! wink

  5. hhahah....kakkatuwa...thanks for sharing sis...nako..kakamiss naman yang buko..never have it here in the US...kasi when we bought one at the filipino store...pagbukas ko...ewwww...iba ang lasa...matanda na ata yung niyog na yon...hehhehe!

    mahilig talaga ako sa picture taking since I was in elem. school...hehhe..buti d ako naging photographer...hehhehe!

    hhaha....blogging is indeed the top of all my addictions for now....hehhehe...kalain ba naman na 2am na kung matulog...hehhehe! Ikaw sis what time ka na bang matulog? hehhehe!

    sí mi familia es mi adiccion primera también...hehhehe!

  6. hi mare!!! i have an award for u!!! check it out on my blog!!

    thanks a lot for the friendship!! :)

  7. kabayan! quickie visit lang muna ako! heheh! busyness in life,!hehehe! labya!

  8. wwaaa!!di ko pa rin nagagawa tong tag na bigay ni Niko!pagagalitan na ako nun!

    Uuwi ka na ng Pinas,makakatikim ka na ng tunay ng buko juice--di yung nasa can.Ang sarap nun!!\(^0^)/

    Ingat po sa biyahe!!^_^


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