Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Great Start to 2017

We kicked off our 2017 by attending the Sunday mass and  visiting  my father-in-law after wards.   It is important  for the  kids to spend  as much time with their Pap now  that he is still around. Dad might not  recognize us anymore but I want them to show their   love to their grandfather no matter what the circumstance is.  He was there for them  all those time since they were born and it  is fitting that they return the  love  especially now.  It's sad to see  that Alzheimer's really take a toll on Dad.  
 During our visit, I  discovered that in order to engage him fully in our conversation, we kept telling him about the times when he would rock the kids to sleep and he seems to enjoy that and  laugh about it.  So from now on, we will use this tactic to get him engage in a conversation.
 Dad will be 95 years old this year and we hope that he could be relocated  near our area so we could visit him frequently.  He   gets  very good care at Gables though so that's  a good thing although we are so far away from him.
 He was attending a church service when we arrive so after  we visited him, we decided to take him back to the church.
 Our son  volunteered to  push his w\heelchair which I thought was a sweet gesture.  I remember those  times when Dad would take the kids on a stroller and walk them around all the time.  I miss those times.
 It's really nice that the  facility   provide this kind of service to the senior folk.  The singing really entertains them.
 To end the first day of our new year, we started  building a 1000 pieces puzzle as part of our family bonding at the end of the day.
It was a great day to start our new year.  How about you, what did you guys do during the first day of the year 2017?  My Mom always told me when I was a kid that no matter what you do on the first day of the year, that's what you will  do for the rest of the year.  ABC Wednesday