Friday, November 11, 2016

Fun-filled First Football Season

"People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society. "Vince Lombardi
Is anyone else  glad that the election is over?  I know I am!  I can finally watch  TV without negative ads on, oh boy, I am so glad.  Half of the nation is happy and  half of the  nation might be sad or devastated  with the result.  But you know what, no matter what the result is, we should  accept it and move on.  After all, it is not the government that would fix our  problem but us.  It is up to us to address whatever issues we have with  our lives.    Protesting or rioting on the street will not do any good.  I know  we have the right to voice our opinions and concerns but I wish that it is not done the same manner as what we are seeing these past two days.  Oh my, what a thing  for the world to see.  But anyway, nuff said!  
 Working together can really achieve success.  If we can just put  all our  energy into doing something productive, we will be alright.  Anyhow, I took these photos during the last home game of the Jr. Dons football.
This season was a learning experience for all these little fellas.  It was a learning experience for me too as I didn't have any idea how football works  despite my  husband's effort in explaining it to me lol.  I guess when you have a  child who love the sport, you will  get to learn the sport.
Most of these kids are first time players so  they were defeated  for every game they played.  Most of the teams they played against were  in the higher grades and they have years of experience compared to them.  But it was okay, they will be better  next year and the year after that.  They need more practice to be good at it.
The most important thing is that, they had fun while learning how to play.  
They made friends with other kids and the sport taught them about working together as a team and the camaraderie  and sportsmanship
Parents also  learned how to work together as team by volunteering.  I worked at a concession stand once and hubby work on the field with the markers.
We are looking forward to another season next year.  For now, we are glad it is over.  While it is fun, it can be exhausting also.  

Till next season again.  I will  always be scared for my son's safety but  this sport is teaching him a lot of lesson so it is worth it.  I will just keep my prayers that  God will protect him and all the other kids from harm while they play the sport.  Until  next time..