Monday, November 17, 2008

Wonder Woman

I received this tag from a wonder woman MOM Ate Cecille, thanks ate for considering me as one...
A lot of my colleagues and friends used to asked how I managed to finish my degree without the aid of my parents. My answer is Perseverance and Resiliency. If you set your mind in achieving your goals in life, you would be able to realize it. As long as you believe in yourself and you have faith in God, anything is possible. Now that I have two kids, their question is how do you survive being a Mom? It's a natural thing for Moms isn't it? No matter how hard it is, we would be able to pull it through because we love our children. That makes us a Wonder Woman!
Passing this tag to the Females I know who make wonders in their own little way!
Ate Weng, Dhemz, Niko, Umma, Malou, Faye, Nanay Belen, Mommy Merlyn, Joanna, Anna, Leslie, Gem, Iceah, Pchi, and all the wonder Mommies in the blog sphere!