Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother's Day Gifts

Aside fromt the personalized gifts that they made for me on MOther's day, they also cooked a delicious meals and did the dishes for me, and hubby did the laundry (hmmnnn I can get used to that, wish it's MOther' day everyday, lol).  Here's the two BUrritos, cleaning  the dishes.
Hubby  always  finds  the best cards for every occasion. 
The three of them got me this  set of Adeco bamboo cutting board.  I like it coz it is fully reversible with an easy-clean, moisture-resistant surface.  This  bamboo chopping boards  sure became an essential part of my  kitchen. They are perfect for cutting  the fresh veggies from our garden and these boards offer two sides with generous work space to avoid cross contamination as you cook. 

I love  celebrating MOther's day at home, not only it  is relaxing, we also got to bond to the max.