Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Rods

Both of our kids love going somewhere so travelling with them is not a problem at all unless it will take so many hours. Hubby and the kids are all hot rods or gas butt because they just love to go somewhere.

This battery operated Ferrari is their favorite rides in the basement during winter. (Photos were taken two years ago).

A remembrance of being in Korea. They miss being in the mall there because of the play area.
I snagged these from hubby's blog. These are my husband's car collections when he was a kid, FIL gave it to EJ when we came back from Korea.
These are EJ's collection.

Sweet Rice

I made some sweet rice the other day and the kids and the hubs are pretty happy. They all have sweet tooth so they gotta have some sweets most of the time. To entice the kids even more, I decorated it with their favorite cereal, the fruit loops.