Monday, January 25, 2010

Proud Momma

I am so proud of my daughter Rylie. she is so matured when it comes to stuff about her brother and her. She helped Dad took care of EJ while we were in Baltimore today. I love you Anak, Mama is so proud of you!
Thanks for the jumper outfit that Tita Dhemz sent her for Christmas!

Best Buddies

Sometimes EJ and Champ gets along so well that they are best buddies but sometimes they constantly torture each other lol. I find this very cute when they were both laying together on the floor.

Champ had a scheduled vet appointment today but was rescheduled because me and hubby had to go to Baltimore in pick up the car. So he will be going next week instead. Lately, this is Champ's favorite position. I find it really cute hehehe. He looks like a winner dog when he does that lol.
I am glad that my father-in-law is willing to take care of the children and Champ because I was able to go with my husband in Maryland. There's no way I could have went if it wasn't for Dad because I don't know any dog bording around in the area. So thank you so much Dad! Goodnight everyone.